Jan. 10th, 2016

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just so we're clear on things, i'll be winning the powerball lottery with my at-work lottery syndicate on wednesday. =D


the first week back to school was not a full week; two days were spent "huddled" (read: we had a fire to warm ourselves in front of after we played in the snow) in the cabin due to snow and ice. most likely we could have made it down on wednesday, but thursday definitely was a smart day to stay home.

here we have branches with snow and birds:

i found myself getting stir crazy a bit. after two weeks off with the family in a small house, i was looking forward to life being spread out over a campus, a city. those two extra days made me want to hide somewhere and just be alone. i mentioned to myself at one point that no matter how much i love my people, i'm so hypersensitive to noise when i'm stressed/anxious that their mere presence caused me a bit of grrrrrr(!). i could hear them breathing, the flow of the blood through their veins, their thoughts.

we're gonna need a bigger house. *nod*


i don't adult very well. the plan was to stay here and save up enough for like a MILLION PERCENT down payment on new house. after new house was purchased, we were going to put cabin on the market, because why would we keep a cabin in the woods when we have a house in the woods? well, now i'm looking for ways to buy NOW even though we don't have a MILLION PERCENT down payment saved and -- and here's the final proof i fail at adult -- i want to keep the cabin.

we should be getting news this week if we can qualify for a program that would allow us to start for reals shopping...now. hopefully, we do, because i'm sort of over the car-sick ride down the mountain. if not, i just have to suck it up and play frugal grown-up for a few more months. bleh bleh bleh.

in an effort to save more money, today when the kid and i went on lipsmackers.com, we only spent $24 on flavored lip balm/gloss vs. the $92 that was totaled for the original order. and i signed up for a coupon for 10% off. see? we practiced austerity by getting rid of flavors we weren't that interested in. that said, i'm regretting not getting the banana flavor. :( and, so you know, the ONLY flavors available at target and other drugstores are strawberry, grape, and soda flavors. ick.

i wonder how sticky kid's lips are going to be the first week she gets all these flavors? i kiboshed the wand and roll-on glosses for the simple fact that one must be a certain age to manage the fine art of wand and roll-on gloss application. if you don't have the necessary skills, you over-apply and run the risk of getting your lips stuck together. then, if you have a cold/stuffy nose, YOU COULD SUFFOCATE.

i love my daughter too much for that.

speaking of daughter....herself, looking cutes and white-girl pink:

i really do love it up here in the sequoias.


i've been reading a LOT over the past few weeks. not all of it is what i'd call great literature (ok, some of it might not even qualify for mediocre literature), but it's been nice not worrying about the nutritional value of the words that i'm consuming. i may be giving up empty calories that go in my mouth, but by damn god, i can still binge on junk food for my brain.

kid's been reading the canterwood crest series (horses! girls! lipgloss!) and i decided to read it with her, just so i could keep an eye on content and talk about any "mature themes" that might be in there. [[aside: i believe it's a parents' job to guide and teach children; while i am a true believer that people should be able to read anything they want and no book should ever be banned, it's the job of the mature people in the mix to help navigate any weird in books. and there is weird in books.]] this series of books has no "mature themes" beyond liking boys (but never as much as liking horses or letting them get in the way of grades), so got to talk about that a bit. way fun. ha. so far we've read the first four and the beloved mister did some internet magic and ordered us the remaining books in the series (fourteen of them!) for way less than retail.

plus, they're like new which is good, since kid and i DO NOT do used books with happy hearts. really, i wish we could get over that. i do try, i promise....but there's a smell to books that have been held by many hands that i can't stomach. plus, when you buy books, you support the pockets of your favorite authors, and that's something i can get behind.

i hang my head in shame.

i've also read brooklyn (purchased at a brick and mortar store....support your local book seller, yo!). i enjoyed it quite a bit -- toibin is a very talented writer and wonderful storyteller (these things don't necessarily go hand in hand, sadly). the original purchase of the book came before i even knew it was a movie and i'm looking forward to watching it -- mostly to see if i like the main character more than i do in the book.

my most recent book read was golden son (e-book checked out from the library! support your local library, yo!). there was trouble when i started, because it took me awhile to remember what happened in red rising, but it mostly came back within 30 pages. overall? enjoyed it, the editing was sharp and tight, good writing, but it is limited by its very genre.

right now i'm searching for the next read and finding my choices lacking. this scarcity of reading material is causing me to sigh a lot while i walk around staring at the small bookshelf that lives here with us.


tonight i'm making chicken in creamy mushroom sauce (recipe from a lj friend!). it looks tasty! kid and i love the mushrooms, poor mister doesn't, but he never complains, bless his heart. <3

the upcoming week is full of stuff. horse 3x, award banquet, shopping, teaching, etc etc etc. hopefully, house shopping will get added to that list. FINGERS CROSSED!

ok. i really should have some coffee and get kid set up with make up classwork. and so i shall.


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