May. 21st, 2016

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the mister is out whacking the weeds with a vengeance while i am having a 2nd cup of coffee and fiddlefarting around. i have cleaned off the table in my tiny cabin in the woods, and i've also moved other things around and about. to be honest, not much is being accomplished, but at least i'm moving. moving is good, right?

the knee is not better. it may be a bit worse, but that may also be just me being me. on monday, i'll make an appointment with the ortho guy (along with an appointment for the dermatologist and dentist) and we'll see how many appointments i keep and how many i chicken out of. i really hate the doctor....but i hate whining more, so yeah.

it seems like everyone is either getting or planning to get chickens and i am so many shades of jealous it is not funny. did you know they make swings for chickens? no? well, now you do:

the fact that there are swings make me even more jealous. I AM GREEN WITH CHICKEN ENVY!

(that sounds, somewhat, like a childhood disease, no?)


i've been reading up on passive income ideas and i've decided that this summer is my summer to become passively rich! i already have so much good stuff that i could modify and put up on teachers-pay-teachers that it would be silly NOT to. i am going to corner the market on weird kindle niche genres! i will make come up with a digital design and sell on etsy! (ok, maybe not that last one....feh)

kid's been wanting a saddle charm, so we've talked about doing that. who knows, i may actually make money. if i do, i swear, i shall be responsible with my money and not buy shiny things. SWEAR. (ahem) i've actually been looking at handmade jewelry and stuff and am amazed at how bad some of it is and, conversely, how amazing some of it is. (will not buy will not buy will not buy)


i accidentally left grading at school, so have nothing to do this weekend. =D OOOPS. while child and mister got their hairs did yesterday, i went to a little jewish deli type place and camped out, wrote, and ate a ruben. yum! a total bonus was the two twenty-something charming young men helping me; their banter and casual flirting was delightful.

forget wearing purple when i'm old, i'm going to just chat with counterboys at jewish delis. :)



1. my friends' home was broken into yesterday. :(
2. to make her feel better, we talked about her getting a lion, because "no one fucks with a lion."
3. if you've never watched "grandma's boy" -- you'll never know why that's funny. =D
4. i'm having trouble making a good cup of coffee. sheesh.
5. my toenails are cotton candy pink and my fingernails are cotton candy blue. IT WASN'T EVEN AN ON PURPOSE MATCHY MATCHY.


there are plants that need to go into the ground and planters, but it's fricken' cold, yo. the mountains, they are the chilly at times. we're supposed to get some rain today, but so far, nothin'. mountain thunderstorms are the VERY best thing in the world and soothe my soul.

ok. i'm going to give another go at a cup of coffee, vacuum, then read/write a bit.

is anyone else doing campnano in june? if so, want to set up campsites together and cheer each other on? =D


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