May. 7th, 2017

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I can't even remember if I wrote this down here, but last week I started working with a trainer to move me toward becoming an equestrian. That made me smile. :) I'm so lucky to have found her, because she is "teaching" me in the way that seems right to me -- right now, it's not about being on the horse, it's about learning about the horse. I'm training with a lovely thoroughbred who is a grandson (great great? dunno!) of Seattle Slew -- he's a gentleman most of the time which is pretty nice. We are starting from the basics, and it's amazing how ignorant I am about horses. Seriously. The good part about that is that I'm learning so much, which for me is a joyous thing; I truly LOVE learning about things that interest me. I mean, it's goosebump good when I get to really learn and make connections and have ahHA moments. 

Today I did round pen work and it was a fuckall amount harder than it looks when people who know what they're doing do it. I'm also becoming much better and shoveling horse shit -- the goal is for me to scoop it all in one go. When that happens, we celebrate!

On the 15th, Smitty is moving from the far away barn to the barn up here, so I'll get to work with him and "practice" what I've learned. My bet is that eventually Smitty becomes my horse and kid gets a new one. We'll see. *nod*

There's still a whole bunch of shit going on with my mom's estate and vulture-like relatives who are making me fucking nuts. It will all sort itself out soon, but every day they are still in the picture is a day that's a thorn in my side. 

We have people quitting left and right at work and my department is down FOUR teachers for next year. Basically, the entire 7th grade team is gone. It's going to be an interesting year to say the least. I shudder. 

But that's next year. This year is almost over and I'm going to go into seclusion for the summer and try to focus on losing more weight so I look better in my breeches  AND focus on horse stuff. For me, that's better than anything.

Yes. I'm horse crazy. WHAT ABOUT IT??? :PPP



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