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* the mister and the little baked pumpkin pies today and they're beautiful. those pies are the extent of our traditional thanksgiving feast. we're having surf&turf, twice-baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli, salad, and pie. so instead of spending all day cooking and prepping and all that other nonsense that i abhor, we're hanging out and doing stuff.

stuff includes: reading, writing, lego building, tidying up, not thinking about lesson planning and grading, movie watching, and fire stoking. later, "eating" will be added to the list. =D

* this morning we took a long walk up a long hill, then wandered into a mountainous trail. it was so lovely and so peaceful -- even with the roaming dogs and chattering child. there are things about being in the mountains that are inconvenient and challenging, but those things are astronomically outnumbered by the amazing experience we are having here.

i make it sound like we're in the very middle of a forest, but there are other cabins around -- and we do get more people up here during the holiday times. i find myself annoyed by them, but i get over it -- because in just a few days, the mountain will be mine again.

* last week i went back to the doctor/nutritionist to see what damage my lack of dedication to the "get my ass skinny and on a horse" cause was. i gained back 18 of my lost pounds (i guess they were just misplaced and i found them?), but i would bet anything that a lot of it is water retention. a few weeks of eating and expending energy like a human is supposed to should get me down around 10 pounds, then the next 8 will be a cake walk (cake!), and i can make some more progress toward The Goal. (I almost typed "the goat" which shows where my mind is at.)

i'm actually looking forward to getting rid of the trash that's been so easy to consume. screw you, simple carbs -- you're outta here (for the most part)! welcome back, complex body has missed you. =D this is one of my favorite times of year for fruit, so that sort of sucks, but there's plenty of good veggielove around, too.

we have not been eating out too much, but i'd like to cut it back even more: one never knows what hidden delights of fat and salt and sugar exist in one's favorite plate of whatevers from one's favorite dining out establishment. *shakes fist of doom at favorite dining out establishments*

the ONE thing i'm worried about is exercise. :( the drive down and up and all that make for gym time madness. i honestly can't go walking in the morning (bears...we have i say fuck you to getting up any earlier than i do, which is 4godawful30 in the morning...plusplus it's been icy!) and some days we're back when it's dark, so no walking then (did i mention bears? yeah. bears.). i have SOME plans that i'll be trying with the week after we get back from disneyland. it will involve walking more at school, 2 days a week at the gym, 2 days of hiking here, and daily stretching/yoga smooth moves.

if that doesn't work, i'll play with things and refine them until it DOES work.

i refuse to live my life not being able to do the things i want to do because of fitness levels.


(the up-side is that i don't want to do too many things that require weirdly abnormal fitness levels. no marathons, but maybe a 5K where i jog...1K of it. what? running blows! it's so hot and jarring and you get all chaffed.)

i've been talking a lot about what i want to remember when i'm on my death bed (this stems from people sticking their buttinski noses in other people's business at work and being all YOU ARE TAKING TIME OFF TO DO XXX??? all indignent like), and i want to remember my successes and my achievements of goals and all the joy i had in life buying sexy outfits with hoochie shoes riding my horse (while wearing jodhpurs that show off a nice ass...shallow, party of one, right here! but seriously, one should look good in jodhpurs, otherwise WHY BOTHER?) with my daughter.



i have a tremendously long list of things to be thankful for, and i truly am. i hope you all are able to count at least one more joy in your life than sorrow.


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