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i might be a little sick, i might not be; at this point, i'm not sure. for the past few days i've had a sore throat, but only one one side; i've felt a little stuffy, but not very much; i've been inclined to sleep long periods of the day away and have not had trouble sleeping at night. if i AM sick, it doesn't seem terrible and i might survive. i'm not NOT sick, then this is my reaction to almost being exhausted. maybe.


we've had snow and rain and other good weather over the past few days. i've slipped into the mindset of "why drive in it when you don't have to" and we skipped horse lesson yesterday and today (today was for a different reason). tomorrow kid will have her private lesson and then we'll have a week off, 2x next week, then back to 3x a week early january.

i say the drive isn't killing me and that i don't hate it, but it's taking a toll. :( it was much better when the days were longer, but these short days mean we drive for an hour in the dark in the morning and get home when it's evening dark. i feel like i never see the sun. i'd be OK if no one else saw the sun, but everyone else gets least that's what i think in my head. truly, i can do this as long as i need to -- i just hope we don't need to TOO much longer.

we found a house we really like in the place we really want to live. it's even about 30K lower than what we wanted to pay -- the bad part is there is no barn, no stalls, no fenced pasture. the good part is there's a lot of room for a barn, stalls, and fenced pasture. the kitchen and bathroom counters need to be replaced (i detest tile...grout is the devil), but what's there is clean and newer and usable. we might go look at it next week. we might not.


i feel like a terrible mother this year; overt displays of holiday cheer are, at the best, minimal and, at the worst, nonexistent. the little rolls along with nary a blink; to her, all is well. because of room, we don't even have a real christmas tree -- but like i point out to myself and others, we have a hundred christmas trees right outside our door. WITH SNOW AND ALL.

being so far away from "civilization" has made me look at what's important and not important in a completely unique way. here, you realize that the important stuff is what will make you go out of your way to do or get. the unimportant junk slides by and out of sight. horses? important. squirrel food? important. cocktail party? not so much. plus, having such a small space this year really focuses your attention on what you need and what you want and the balance between the two.

the one thing i'm having a hard time dealing with is the lack of paper books. i can't take e-books any longer! i need paper and page turning and the whisper of a book when you close it. even the child has said paper books are better. OF COURSE THEY ARE.

speaking of her reading habits, she is just about finished with her first "real" book -- "pegasus: the flame of olympus". well, it's not really her first "real" book. she's read all of the wimpy kids and black beauty. but this is her first foray into long, non-illustrated, modern lit. plus, pegasus. horse-crazy girls like pegasus, you know. *nod*


i found a 13 year old haflinger that's been trained for english, dressage (ugh), and trail. i tried to get mister to buy it for us now....we could board it until we get a new house. he said no. :( want to see a haflinger AKA "fabio horse"? OK!

pretty, aren't they?

today i need to order my 2016 planner and i may treat myself to a lime green fountain pen that is calling me. i'll need green ink, for sure. ;)


ok. i truly need to clean house. mister went in to work today and i'd like to have things clean when he gets here so he can help mess them up. :) xo
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