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* i was, indeed, sick. one day of absolute rest and a few days of magic ginger tonic seem to have fixed things right up -- this truly is one of the shortest and least horrible merry sickmasses i've had in a long, long time.

so, the magic ginger tonic? here it is:

1 inch of peeled ginger, coarsely chopped
juice of half a lemon
1 cup water

simmer simmer steep steep drink drink. i generally am not overly fond of the taste of ginger, but this stuff worked some serious healing juju -- as i drank it, i could feel the ginger burn attacking whatever was in my chest. it was good!

* we had a low key, nice christmas day. i even made dinner -- a thanksgiving feast that still sits in the fridge. ;) mister and i did not gift each other overly much, the kid made out like a bandit, and it was, like the ginger burn, good. one of my favorite things kid got was a new 3d viewmaster thing. love love love!

it looks like nye will be a repeat of low key christmas. we have horses tomorrow, star wars maybe after the lesson, then home. i need to get my body back into early nights and early mornings, so it's likely that i'll be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10ish. *shrug* we are mountain folk. (let's not talk about how this was my MO even before the mountains, ok?)

the weekend will be spent getting the my mind wrapped around the fact that winter vacation is over on monday and i have a long haul before spring break. i can do it!

* tomorrow we're talking to a loan agent about some loan programs for teachers that exist out there. there are a few that eliminate PMI, require less down, blah blah blah. teaching at a title 1 school *does* have its perks. what with loan programs and school loan forgiveness, there's a quiet yay to be found. if all goes well (which it won't...there will be a laundry list of stuff we need to do before we can even apply for loans, which is always how it goes), we could ostensibly start looking very soon. we'll see, but if you have it in you to send some good vibes our way, i'd appreciate it!

* i started reading margaret attwood's "the heart goes last" and...i don't know. i have such a love, love, hate relationship with atwood's works, it's impossible to really wrangle my thoughts on this specific piece. i know there are good parts, i know there are parts that are so utterly calculated that i finish reading them feeling cheated, i know there are bland parts that no matter how perfect the prose is, they remain dull and tepid. the end is where the telling will truly come out -- and the fact it's good enough to finish says a lot.

today during a before-lesson B&N visit, i settled on "brooklyn" to read next. it didn't dawn on me until much later that the reason why this 2009 book is out and prominent is because of the movie.

* tonight's dinner:

1/2 cup multicolored quinoa, chilled
1/2 cucumber
1/2 avocado
red onion slices
lemon juice
olive oil


what did you have?

* today i got to pet a 30,000$ horse. i asked if i could buy her and make payments. there was laughter and a "no". all that said, she was /gorgeous/. the trainer said in about 6 months, she'd be priced double that. oh, to be independently wealthy. :( i have to wonder what kind of life people lead where they could drop 60K on a horse. kid will need a new horse in 3-5 years if she decides to keep going hunter/jumper (showing, basically), and i've already figured out the smart thing to do will be to sock $5K a year away in anticipation....but there's a voice inside me that loudly says "you are fucking nuts". because i have to wonder what kind of life people lead where they can drop 30K on a horse.

odds are, knowing my beloved and unique daughter, she'll never give a shit about showing beyond what she does now, will never care if she jumps oxers, will never really care if she canters. and that is perfectly fine....*i* will get the 30K horse. =D I KID, I KID.

* mister set up a web cam out front so we can monitor dogs in the day. it can be turned to watch the squirrel|bird area. maybe next week i'll post the link and you can watch squirrel|bird business. :)

* ok. i need to eat and put stuff away. there was a bunch more i wanted to write, but i lost the thread.


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