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I can't tell if I really enjoyed January or am glad that it's gone. Work continues to make me sort of stabby, but in a vague, sort of French shrug way. The kid has spent the last week sicker than she's been in awhile -- last week we alternated days home with her, so I missed work T and Th. Yesterday was a huge dump of snow and we couldn't get out this morning, so I had to call in again. I have a bad feeling my VP is going to give me looks tomorrow. :( I will have to hide behind the tall kids until I make it to my classroom...maybe he won't notice me.

Anyway, here's a photo of the snow and trees and the mountain and junk:

Notice the chupacabra tracks. *nod*

To put the snow in context -- as much as possible -- here's the truck all blankety and white:

The thing sticking up is, in case you do not know, the windshield wiper. I learned this trick from Neighbor Steve the Mountain Man. It's a good trick.

I know for many people, this isn't that much snow inches wise. But let me put my drive in perspective: we live on top of a mountain, there is no plowing through the night or early morning, there are no f'in guardrails on the sides of my mountain, and driving down about 2300 feet in less than two miles on a very winding two lane road is far different than a straight-shot road to Starbucks.

Speaking of Starbucks, my Gold Card status may be stripped from me if I don't get some stars this month. :( A*holes.


Earlier this evening my ear started hurting, my throat felt tight, I kept sneezing, and I was afraid I contracted whatever the child has (the plague or Dengue fever or something). I made myself some of the magic tonic (ginger root, lemon, honey) and added a tsp of coconut oil to the mix. You're familiar with coconut oil, right? According to everyone, it is magic and gets rid of dry skin and fine lines, makes your teeth white, keeps your cuticles soft, cures cancer, reduces inflammation, ups your sex drive, gives you seven extra hours in a day, and speeds up the metabolism. ALL WITHOUT EVEN TAKING IT OUT OF THE CONTAINER. Add it to a meal or beauty regiment and you'll live forever.

So, anyway, it's sort of weird drinking something that's the hippie version of hot tea and seeing little blobules of fat floating on the top. And, if I am honest, it tastes really good. o.O IT IS SORT OF LIKE A PINA COLADA OR SOMETHING.

I need a little colorful paper umbrella for my mug. *nod*


I haven't seen Smitty in almost a week and a half. In horse years, that's probably like...forever. I'm not sure if we'll get there this week, but when we finally get back, kid starts a month of intense private training. Her confidence has floundered a bit from falling from such a great height "so many times". :( The trainers agreed 3 private lessons a week would be a good thing. Yay.

We talk about what we'll do when she outgrows Smitty or he finally turns into a*hole horse from Hell and no one wants to ride him. He really is a jerk sometimes, but we love him. And when he rides right, he's absolutely stunning -- a blue ribbon winner for sure. He just never wants to ride right with her, because she's not strong enough and he takes advantage of her. I have a feeling that will end soon.

But yeah, when she moves on, he'll be mine. I will feed him treats and take him for walks and ride him like the pro I imagine myself to be. =D


Wednesday I have a training so will be out of class. Three days next week? Out of class. :( My poor students are going to be so derpy by the end of the year, bless their little hearts.


OK. I need to do the nighttime ablutions and then, maybe, watch X-Files #2. Is anyone else watching it??????

Fox Mulder was my 90s Cumberbatch. :)
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