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Tomorrow morning, dark and ungodly, I will be getting up for the first day back at work in like...a million years. The family will be heading to Dland w/o me for this trip, and I'll be alone and bear bait for a few days.

A teacher in my department was out the week before vacation and will be out this coming week due to "personal issues". Apparently, she was given a DUI in September and in October, there was supposedly a hit-and-run incidence outside school that she was involved in. Add to that, her husband is a right douchebag and who knows what's going on there.

Anyway, so it's fallen on me, Department Head Extraordinaire(tm), to do her lesson plans, make her copies, and do all the other BS we have to do in a classroom that's totally unrelated to teaching. Bah. I am getting paid extra duty pay for the week before Thanksgiving and this coming week: the two weeks will add up to about $300 after taxes, so I can sock that aside toward the house. =D Or the horse for the new house.


My PLAN, before vacation really got started, was to spend the week getting things ready. I did very little of it. And even though I'm staying home and not doing Dland this week, I still should have done -something- work related. Like plan. Or grade papers. Or SOMETHING.

Now, here I sit on a sunny Sunday, STILL going "meh, I don't have that much to do" and I actually don't, but come on -- if I can't get motivated to get my brain going, what's this week going to be like?


This morning the littlest and I took the dogs on a walk. We got up the hill and two dogs ran out. Long story short, they didn't listen to their owner, Onslow didn't listen to me, and there was snarling and fear and barking and other posturing and nonsense. Finnegan stayed out of it, more or less, but she really gets made when other dogs sniff her butt.

There's a lady up here with a German Shepherd named Xena and that dog is so well behaved it isn't funny. Granted, Xena has been through training and she's older than Onslow, but I do long for a dog that can be off leash, ignore other dogs, and just walk about being happy. Technically, I guess I have that in Finnegan....maybe I long for TWO dogs that are so well behaved it's not funny. *nod*

What pisses me off most, is that 90% of the time, he listens really well. 5% of the time, he becomes hard of hearing and it takes a few goes to get him to do what I want. Then there's that last 5%, where he becomes stone cold deaf and forgets I exist.

A guy up here that rescues dogs has a shock collar for one of his pups. He said he rarely uses it on the dog, but there are times that he needs something to get the dog's attention when it decides to do what it wants and what it wants is to not listen. I hesitate to do that, though: what if it really hurts? Onslow gets butt hurt over all sorts of things, I don't want to add to it. Then again, I'd rather he be butt hurt than get in fights with dogs or, OH SWEET MARY NO, skunks.

Maybe I'll research it. Or maybe I'll just deal with a deaf dog 5% of the time.


We are out of a lot of food stuffs and I have a pretty long shopping list for tomorrow. I was going to hit the gym after work, but I'm going to hit the store instead. Tuesday will be gym day. *nod*

I made a list of snacks for the week and tried to create a schedule of snacky times during the day. My problem is that I am in class most of the day, and I don't like to eat in front of the kids. It just feels weird. At this point, screw 'em though -- I need to be THIS by the horse clothes Black Friday online sales next year:

I swear, if I looked that good in those pants, I'd wear full-on horse outfit where ever I went. Grocery store? JODPHURS! Doctor's office? YEP, BREECHES! School? I'LL INCLUDE A CROP WITH THE ENSEMBLE. Damn skippy.

Which reminds me, I saw how thin runners can get. I wonder if there's a way to get that toned and slender without actually, you know, running. Ugh.


Other points of relative interest:

* I made breakfast bars that are so high in fat and carbs that I'm surprised I didn't get arrested by the diet police. I'm taking them to work tomorrow. =D

* I started reading "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson. I LOVE IT. His style is fluid, funny, and familiar -- plus, I'm getting good info on how to deal with bears. o.O

* I think my house is haunted and I'm not kidding. No, seriously, I'm not kidding. I am hopeful nothing weird happens while the family is gone, but you totally know that's how scary movies work. :(

* I have five credits, so got "The Night Circus" and "Packing for Mars". I've read TNC before (one of my favorite books of all times!) and I'm OK with listening to non-fiction even if I haven't read it, so I'm set.

* I'm going to try and have the house cleaned and spotless and (mostly) decorated by the time the people come back. It's going to be a busy week -- we still struggle with places to put things (thus, sometimes it feels cluttered to me) and spotless in the mountains is virtually impossible. Is she up for the challenge? SHE IS! *fist pump*


OK, I need to go clean Sammy the Subaru out and get him ready for the week. Since it's a JUST ME commute for the week, I can stow the heated throws (seriously, we have them in the car), pillows (yep, for naps), and barf bucket (kid still gets barfy every now and then) for a few days. Woot. :)


Date: 2015-12-01 02:36 am (UTC)
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I was downright scrawny when I was riding my bike about 40 miles a week. But my arms and legs were super toned. I liked biking much more than running. But now I don't do either!


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