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Birthdate:Sep 9
Location:California, United States of America
Until it has been hit on the head, the nail does not believe in the hammer.

-- In the Time of the Butterflies
Julia Alvarez



I never really know what to say in these bio things -- I figure the journal itself tells most of the tales about me and my world. But in order to give a little bit of info, we'll play 5 and 5:

1. California chica prone to accidents and lucky streaks
2. Wife to Paul, mother to the sweetest wee girl in the world
3. English teacher to crazy 7th graders!
4. Contemplator of Grad School(tm)
5. Writer of secrets, novel beginnings, and one act plays

1. Liberal
2. Best friend and matchmaker to the gay boys
3. Avid reader
4. Soap maker
5. A writer, at times

1. Central California
2. In a 1940's Spanish-style house surrounded by 117 rose bushes
3. Amid too many dogs and two many cats
4. Usually 53 miles west of Venus
5. The best place I've ever been

1. I'll post when I'm angry
2. I'll post when I'm sad
3. I'll post when I'm happy
4. I'll post when I'm amused
5. I'll post when I've had way too much coffee o.O

1. I write about my daughter because she's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me
2. I write about books because I want to remember what I read
3. I write about the daily bits and pieces because sometimes my LJ is a running commentary
4. I do not write about my sex life because it's sekrit and would make you all frisky
5.I write about the things that inspire me and make me want to be a better person.


I love reading about others and never mind when someone adds me -- so if you're feeling so inclined, add away and let me know. =D

"Who are you really, wanderer?"--
and the answer you have to give
no matter how dark and cold
the world around you is:
"Maybe I'm a king."

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1980s, air, anais nin, animal behaviour, anthropology, apple computers yo!, archeology, art bell, bare naked ladies, baths, beat poets, ben harper, black athena, bmw, bob dylan, books, cairn terriers, caleb carr, california, central coast of california, charles bukowski, chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, coffee, cooking, cootie bugs, cowboy junkies, crazy cats, creativity, criminal minds, danny elfman, dead can dance, dean martin, dictionaries, dido, dinosaurs, disney, disneyland, divine, doris day/rock hudson flicks, dorothy parker, drop dead diva, duran duran, e.e. cummings, eloquent writing, enigm, essential oils, etta james, fink, fluffy sheep, fountain pens, gardening, gidget, gin, good conversation, gothic mysteries, harper lee, harry potter series, homosexual culture, horror movies, hot chocolate, humor, i love lucy, indigo girls, ink, iphone, jerry garcia, john waters, journals, kitsch, knitting, kona, literature, lordbud, louis jordan, magic 8 balls, mark and brian, martinis, monterey bay, motherhood, my husband, napa, new orleans, noodles, oed, oingo boingo, old movies, orange crush, orchids, organic gardening, pacific ocean, paper, pasta, photography, pink flamingos, pitch black, pretty colors, queer theory, rain, rat pack, raymond carver, reading, rita mae brown, san francisco, scary movies, sinatra, soap making, sookie stackhouse series, spoken word, sushi, tattoos, telephones, the clash, the closer, the jam, the mummy, thomas dolby, thomas pynchon, tobasco, trailer parks, travel, traveling, truman capote, vampires, victorian gardens, volkswagen, wasabi, wilkie collins, words, writing, yarn, zombies
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